Loving angels of Michigan is fully staffed

to service and assist families in our area.

Loving Angels

of Michigan

Our personal experiences have led us to provide compassionate home care services for our clients.

John Kish, Human resources

John Kish has a variety of important home care agency responsibilities for Loving Angels. John screens all applications prior to interviews as well as performing full background checks of all caregivers and staff. John has 30 years of experience as a registered nurse (RN) and is a caregiver to Loving Angels clients. 

Anne Woodhull, President

Anne Woodhull, began her home care career 20 years ago when her father, Andrew Blevins, a retired Detroit policeman, was stricken with diabetes and Alzheimer's disease.  She was the primary caregiver for over 12 years, attending to her father's needs and care. More recently, Anne is the primary caregiver for her 44 year old daughter Dawn, who has been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Anne is now president of Loving Angels and is very dedicated to each and every client being served.