I do not know what to ask.  Where do I start to learn what your company can offer?

Before calling our office, we recommend that you prepare a list of services that you feel your loved one needs. Make the list as comprehensive as possible and include the days of the week and the time of day you are looking for services.

So once we have determined the services we would like, how does the process begin?

We begin with a full assessment of your loved one. This is completed by one of our staff's Registered Nurses at the home of the client.  Once completed, the RN will make a recommendation of how often care is needed, what time of day it should take place and the type of services needed.  The Loving Angels administrators then work with our team of caregivers to select the one that can fulfill these needs.  The process concludes with a "Meet and Greet" session, with the client (and family members), the Loving Angels administrator and the caregiver to review the services needed and provided.  Once this is finalized, Loving Angels will prepare a written agreement at the meeting for all parties to sign.

How are your staff members screened?

As mentioned in the ABOUT US page, human resource manager, John Kish, screens every application prior to the interview process.  At the conclusion of the interview, John completes a full background check on the applicant.

Are there minimum hours a caregiver will work?

Yes, a minimum shift for a caregiver is three hours.

What are the costs for a caregiver?

Our fee structure is set at $25 per hour with the three hour minimum.  Shifts can be set up to meet the client's and families needs.  If a caregiver should work over 40 hours, the additional hours are at a time and a half rate.

How do I know the caregiver has worked the full shift?

Loving Angels has instituted a system where the caregiver will arrive at the client's home.  They will call into a special 800 number using the client's phone and identity their code and the client code.  The information is recorded online and the shift begins at that time.  When the shift is over, the caregiver repeats the process from the client's phone to indicate that the shift is completed.

How often do you bill and how is payment made?

In the agreement signed at the "Meet and Greet", the family has the option to pay via a charge card or electronic withdrawals from a checking account. Billing is done weekly.

What about working holidays?

Loving Angels recognizes the six major holidays and fees are at a time and a half for those days.

Do you provide overnight services?

Yes, Loving Angels is a 24/7 agency and can provide overnight service if requested.

How does the Loving Angels caregivers stay current of new requirements and needs?

There is ongoing continuing education, staff mentoring and monitoring to insure quality care is provided.

Are caregivers bonded?


Loving Angels of Michigan listens and learns to what the client needs are before recommending services.  Below is a list of frequently asked questions of our staff. 

Adult Home Care FAQ

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