Loving Angels

of Michigan

Exercising and assisting in therapy.

Often clients are home in a rehab process and undergoing physical therapy and exercising. Loving Angels caregivers can assist them.  

Appointments, errands and shopping.

Loving Angels caregivers use their vehicle to drive and accompany clients to their appointments or run errands.

Exercising and companionship.

We work with the therapists and assist the client in their rehab process. 


Playing games, watching TV, reading, our caregiver staff offers companionship to all clients.

Food preparation.

Our staff can prepare a variety of meals from frozen food entrees, sandwiches, heating up prepared meals, etc.

Adult Home Care Services

Medication reminders and Med Packs

With home care, our caregivers can remind clients of their medicine and prescription needs. Med packs can be prepared through one of our staff registered nurses (RNs).   

  • In addition to the above examples, Loving Angels of Michigan can assist in grooming, bathing, dressing, and even driving and accompanying their client to a doctor appointment, if necessary. The caregiver stays with the client through the entire appointment.
  • In the initial assessment conversation, we want to hear what the client's needs are including health history and medication lists, and we will match that up with the services we offer.